it’s that time again


YUP! That time again to appeal to you that you would please RSS my site.

(Did it sound like I was begging? Oh gosh. I hope not. Simple request. that’s it..)

Seriously, it’s the most convenient thing ever for you. It’s saving you the necessity to go to site after site to check for updates.

I found this great youtube video which explains in simple English what RSS really does. I love their series. It’s like the kind of thing you can show your grandmother and she’ll understand the internet in a few minutes!

I use the in-built RSS reader found in Internet Explorer 7.

OK. Now you’re convinced. What do you do? Got your reader?
Now click the magic button…

Follow the arrow.
That’s the button you want to click to subscribe.

I will try to update as often as I can… of course, given some circumstances in which I’m am incapable of doing so, but it will be updated somehow sometime.

I promise. Even if I died, I’ll make someone update to announce my death. haha.

Basically here’s the take-home message (but you’re already home…)


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