The Attributes of God

by Arthur W. Pink

Most of us in the camp committee bought a book each to read and contribute to our mini-library so that others too will have the opportunity to read and expand their knowledge about God and their world. I, of course, bought a book by my favourite author Max Lucado. But until today, I still have not quite have the chance to read my book… instead I’m reading my cousin’s. This.


Arthur W. Pink lived from 1886 to 1952. You can pretty much imagine the words he uses in this book. I read online somewhere someone labelled his english language as archaic. It’s a little difficult to read for someone like me because I’m so used to reading modern English language books and well, I’m not that great a student when it comes to literature and understanding hidden treasured meanings in sentences. Which explains why I’m taking ages to finish this (apart from the fact that I’ve got a whole lot of other things to do.. and that I’ve started working (somewhat)). My deadline to finish the book? Today. Yikes. Cousin’s flying back to Cambridge tomorrow.

I’ll write what I think of the book once I’m done with it (IF I ever get done with it!). Til then, people… take care. Stay safe!


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