I want to be a Gorgeous Geek!

Just ended my 2 day job at Legend Hotel as an exhibitor (c.f exhibit) in the Regional Conference of the International Association of Software Architects. What did I get out of it? An eye-opening experience of being among the brains behind the powerful IT industry. It was a place where it was cool to be in office wear with a backpack loaded with a laptop and really cool gadgets. It was a place where geeks are welcomed and very much appreciated. Everybody seemed to be talking in a foreign language – the computer talk. Just like we have our medical jargon, these people are talking things waaaay deeper than just HTML, Java and C++. There were moments where I wished I took up engineering instead and being able to do what they do. We’re talking about cool geeks here!

Was also humbling to be in the presence of the big bosses of the few biggest software vendors in Malaysia – Microsoft, SAP, Oracle. Now what drawn even more respect was that Microsoft and SAP’s heads are women. By just listening to two minutes into their speeches, one can easily tell that these women deserve to be where they are. The way they portray themselves so professionally and yet, able to maintain their feminism, I could just salute them. Very inspiring women.

There was a new community introduced at this conference – Gorgeous Geeks, which was apparently for women who worked in the IT industry to get together and share their experiences at work and even as they marry and have a family. I was excited to hear how all the women were so enthusiastic to help each other out, to mentor the younger ladies and just to share how they coped working through the late nights and juggling with family time. Needless to say, the two lady veterans were the patrons of this circle. I would like to be a Gorgeous Geek. It’s just too bad I don’t work in the IT industry because technically I fit in their definition of a Gorgeous Geek (being gorgeous was NOT a requirement!) which was any lady who has interest in computing and information technology. That’s me! I absolutely love computers and have always been fascinated with how its technology advances so quickly daily that without us realizing that we’ve become very dependent on it. I love to learn new things about how I can optimise my computer’s potential in making it perform the things I need quickly and efficiently. It’s really just too bad this was not my line of work. Maybe we should come up with something similar for us girl doctors… Gorgeous Docs? Too copycat! Any ideas, anyone?


3 thoughts on “I want to be a Gorgeous Geek!

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