Random bits

Random Bit #1
I FINALLY bought a new Bible. It’s been quite awhile I searched for the book with the perfect colour, size, font, page quality type.. and most of all the translation version which I want – NIV. Went to 1Utama’s MPH yesterday and there weren’t many options at all to begin with..but the very one there was good enough for me.

DSC00190 DSC00191 DSC00195

It feels like my new favourite colour’s green because for some reason I’m buying quite a bit of green stuff lately. Hmm. I was a little put off by the pocket in front of the Bible. Had wanted a plain book style…but I guess the pocket adds some sort of cute-ish feature to it. Different. Plus, it’s less than 1 inch thick! I’m so happy I finally bought it. 😀

Random Bit #2
My brother bought a Seventeen magazine! I know!! DSC00189
No. Really. It’s really his. He bought it. lol. I believe it’s because there was a Switchfoot feature inside. I’m not sure. I’m speculating here.

Random Bit #3
I JUST washed and waxed my car thoroughly this morning. Did my usual rinse-soap-rinse-dry method, then thought why not be a little more hardworking and clean the windscreens with that liquid stuff and while I’m at it, wax the car too.

It was my first time waxing a car by myself.
And I didn’t know it was that difficult to wax a car.
I blame it on the instructions.

1. Wash with —— and dry vehicle.
2. Apply onto sponge. Spread evenly in a circular motion.
3. Allow to dry to a haze. Wipe off haze with a soft cloth for a brilliant shine finish.

NOW.. the impression I got from it was that this was going to be really easy. Wax car, wipe wax off with soft cloth… voila!

I took 2 hours.
Nobody said that I had to scrub the stubborn wax off the car because for some reason it doesn’t wipe off as easily as the instruction made it sound. Anyhoo.. I’m happy I did it. I get a lot of satisfaction from cleaning. Don’t ask me why. I just do. The harder it is to clean, the happier I become. It was nice to see my reflection on my shiny car after that few hours. 🙂

Random Bit #4
Was anybody wow-ed by David Cook’s performance last Wednesday? I was. Love the music from Phantom of the Opera. He picked the right song to make the girls swoon. He sang really well and he made it look so personal too. *melt* If you haven’t watched it…I’ve placed the link here.

Random Bit #5
I’ve been asked by a church friend to be a model for his photography course’s portrait assignment. Yikes. I don’t feel comfortable being alone in front of a big camera with those huge reflectors and all that… and what’s worse is I have to be candid! I can’t be candid and pretend the camera’s not there. I don’t know. I had to agree. Poor guy’s deadline’s tomorrow… and since I’m quite free, I don’t really have an excuse to say no. We’ll see. He’ll be here in an hour. Apparently he wants to use the sunset’s light coming through the horizon. Whatever that means. I’m just going to concentrate on trying to look candid.


4 thoughts on “Random bits

  1. Vincent says:

    On the car waxing thingy…I think u used too much wax, thats why it was sticky…or u used a wax that was sticky in the first place.

    So waxes are very easy to wipe off (eg autoglym). I can pass u one if u intend to do the same thing again in future.

  2. tim says:

    hey really there is a column on switchfoot 😉 we were all seventeen once right? i just wonder why are there so much girly stuff

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