I had in mind what I wanted to write today, but I was trying to think of a better blog post title than just “Switchfoot” and so I ran through my head all the songs I knew (which you will find out later.. I know quite a bit) and figured what better title than 24.
My age.
One of the band’s songs. (quite well written I must say)

sf I live with two Switchfoot fans and the music I’ve been made to hear because of them two, has painted some pattern on my life… which renders worthy to be at least spoken about here.

I’m not a great fan of that kind of music. But I do know a lot of my friends out there who like Switchfoot just about as much as my two little siblings.

Now what if I told you that there’s Switchfoot music out there WITHOUT the loud strumming of the guitar and heavy beats of the drums? Quite impossible, you’d think. Think again. One fine day, my brother announced that a string quartet recorded an album full of Switchfoot music in tribute to them. When we actually heard it, I was quite amazed at how songs from a rock band can be made into music that fits in the classical genre. You got to hear it for yourself.

I’ve downloaded two of their more famous songs (well, by that I mean, the songs I actually know) for your preview. See if you can recognize them without me typing the title out for you.

 Click here to download the entire album.


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