The Battle of the Browsers

And the winner is Firefox Two Point O.

I know I know I mentioned I was suppose to write yesterday but I spent the entire day (minus time to eat and for a haircut) to create a video. One day (and the extra hours prior to this for prep) to make one video almost five minutes long and (here’s the best part) 1GB big. I know. It’s crazy. Even a feature length movie wouldn’t be that large. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little tiring but I hope the video would incite the right response. We’ll see. What was it about, you ask? Sorry, can’t tell. What application did I use? That’s top secret as well. 😛

Now, the title and first liner had nothing to do with what I did. lol. I just completed a little research (though not the first time I’ve looked it up), as I figured I should look it up one more time as I’m starting to feel a little dissatisfied with Internet Explorer (IE) lately (it’s been crashing a lot on me and lagging horrendously). Way back before IE7, I had been a faithful Firefox user but thought IE would have caught up in the race once version 7 was birthed. Plus, there are some websites which only show on IEs and MSN messenger automatically launches IE to show my hotmail inbox.

And these are the websites I found.

CNET’s reviews
PC World’s

That was sort of enough to convince me. As I post this, the next thing I’m going to do is download Mozilla’s Firefox. (Another good point about it is that it can look pretty too, with the availability of themes)


2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Browsers

  1. Rube says:

    Heya, Lydia, how are ya? Just stumbled upon your blog here and wanna let you know that Firefox 3 is out and I have to say it’s pretty sweet compared to the previous version; less RAM usage, fewer crashes/ memory leaks, and motherloads of add-ons… Just thought you might wanna know. See ya!

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