God of this city


What words could I even begin to use to describe that glorious night?

What can suffice to fully depict the arena on August 3, 2008?


Not glorious to the fact that there were 4500+ people congregating for a supposedly famous Passion conference.

Not glorious to the fact that it was actually Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall and Louie Giglio right there before my eyes.

But glorious to the fact that God was lifted higher and His fame and renown made very known and prominent in the midst of these thousands.

It was indeed…glorious.

Bunch of us were really lucky to be able to sit first class seats where we truly fully absorbed everything there is to experience. It was such a joy to worship the King among my fellow brothers and sisters -literally hearing the thousands belting out in song repeatedly one after the other. Is this a small taste of heaven? If it is so, bring me there right now… There is no place I’d rather be than at the feet of my Lord in worship and in awe of Him who died for me.

Evidently the shouting and singing at the top of my lungs left me with a few gifts in return… a hoarse voice and a revived heart. I believe all of us had our passion renewed – the passion to live for His glory, that is in worship of Him and in reaching out to those who are in need of Him.

Which brings me to my next point…

God of this city. Not a new song to me. I’ve heard it so many times before when the new CD was released. It definitely was in my top favourite of songs… but since this night, it took on a whole new level and meaning. It has left me with such a deep imprint pressed on my heart where it really forces me to reflect on what KL truly means to me. As I stood there praying for KL and its people who are lost and trapped, my heart just broke and melted like wax. Suddenly KL wasn’t the place of glamour, high-end shopping malls and endless materialism. At that time, I could only think of the people hospitalized in my wards. Those who are so ill in the brink of life and death, those who are suffering and held captives within their sick physical bodies. I thought of the very poor who smelled of nothing but soiled odour. This is my city. My KL, where I had so proudly boasted of my birth and bred. This is my city and I have declared that He is God of it. I’ve played this song several times on my way home from work. The music and lyrics reminding me to pray for my city as I drove past big offices in the heart of KL and other prominent religious buildings. I yearn to see the day where God’s name would be made so known in my city. I want to be a part of that movement to make it just that. For a start, I shall begin where I work. Suddenly work took on such a different meaning and that’s a different long story which can be talked of another day, but for now, watch the song below, which I took off from youtube.

God of this city.

to read more of the event from the official blog post, click here.


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