Those little things


I’ve been having recent temptations to have my hands on one of those little things people bring around. Checked out the price and it didn’t seem like it cost as much as I thought it would. Thought it would be nice to have one since my car would only play CDs and well, most of the songs/talks I would like to listen to are in data form. Plus, my SD card only keeps 256MB’s worth. Sounds like an ancient value… 256MB.

Anyhoo, am scouting around for the better price for it – or what my brother would call it… “a hi-fi mp3 player”.


3 thoughts on “Those little things

  1. Joel says:

    Haha. They are mp3 friendly. But they’re not compatible with many other audio codecs. Although Lydia already has everything on iTunes. All she needs is an iPod to sync up with her digital library.

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