Some Announcements

Alright. Where do I even begin? It’s been such a long long time since I last wrote here. Busy? No way.. Just plain lazy. 😛

OK. Let’s start chronologically…

I finally have a ‘daughter’.. so to speak. Remember World Vision? Yup. They’ve assigned me an adorable young girl from Vietnam to sponsor. Imagine the excitement to receive the letter from World Vision… I literally couldn’t wait to see how my child was going to look like!


For privacy sake, I won’t post her photo up.. but I will tell you her name though. She’s Thi Khanh, an eleven year old Vietnamese. 🙂

Not too long ago, she sent me her first written letter.


It was in Vietnamese language but they had it translated for me. I’ll share some bits of information she wrote to me. She loves math (like me!)… here comes the even more interesting bit.

I dream to become a doctor when I grow up so that I can cure everybody in my homeland.”

When I read that, I was like.. oh my. lol. She sounds like me… well, she sounded like me when I was 11. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good dream to have – a wonderful one, which I will testify to it today. It is my dream to visit her and her family in Vietnam in the near future. Yes, she even drew a picture of how her ‘homeland’ looks like. How cute!

Okay. What else is new…

Oh yes, I also bought this.


Enough said. It’s burning a huge hole in my pocket. 🙂 But I love it.
I love it that it’s black. I have always wanted and DREAMED to have a black one when I could afford it. 🙂 Yay!

What else? Hmmm.. Went and came back from Bali. It’s been awhile since I’ve went for a proper holiday. It was so much more fun to go in a group I was close with, i.e. my big big family 🙂 I’m lazy to upload the pictures here.. go find me in Facebook. It’s aaaaalllllll there.

I have also (finally…) left Orthopaedics and am now posted in the Accident & Emergency Department. I’m still wondering whether it was a blessing or a curse to be placed here.. for one, the working hours aren’t that great. Sure, it’s all shift system and all that, but it’s a very strict system. I must fulfil the required hours of work per week. Ugh. It’s been broken down to 6 shifts a week and 2 nights. I’m starting my first night tomorrow. We’ll see how it’s going to kill me… it doesn’t help that I’ve been posted to the acute resuscitation side the following day!

Orthopaedics has been fun while it lasted. I actually seriously wouldn’t mind going back there and working as a medical officer… I think. But it really has been fun – the people, the work. I do miss working there sometimes.

Can’t think of anymore to write, but I will try to write more often..
Try, of course, being the keyword here. 🙂

Until then.. taaa


One thought on “Some Announcements

  1. Vincent says:

    wow…you’ll see a lot of dying patients…some of which you probably would not be able to resuscitate….

    On the other hand, maybe you’ll be helping to bring back patients from the brink of death…

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