First Night


While most of you were brushing your teeth, changing into your pyjamas and getting ready for bed, I was driving to the hospital to start work. This is not my first time working while all of you snored away, but this time round, it felt… quite different. I braced myself for a non-stop working battle… and it was what I had expected it to be.

Clocking in at 10PM, the patients kept on pouring in… sometimes trickling, sometimes raining. This led me to think one thing – people in KL are actually willing to go to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, sit for at least an hour to see a doctor for simple complaints which they had been suffering for a few days at the least! Lol. It is a city that truly never sleeps 🙂 Thankfully there were no usual drunkards and psychotic ppl… YET!

Continuing on the next morning in the red resuscitation zone was quite interesting too. Although it wasn’t as busy, but the cases were life-threateningly fragile. I thought it was quite amusing that my first red zone patient was an African American who attempted suicide.

I foresee working in the A&E to be a rollercoaster posting. I’m really opened into learning a lot of new things and acquiring as much knowledge as I can into handling emergency situations. I look forward to sharing some interesting stories with you… if there are, to begin with. 🙂 I bet there will be.. considering HKL is the a sensational centre of the country.


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