Run Away

Have you ever felt so frustrated with the things going on around you that all you want to do is just cut off all the strings that hold you to the ground and escape?

I do. Perhaps that’s my way of handling situations that make me uncomfortable – y’know the fight or flight response. That’s me. Flight.

A lot of things are happening which in a mix is pretty difficult to handle. Stuff at home and work, things going around with friends.. and even those who aren’t quite friends. Argh.

Right now, I just need to think of place to run to.

It’s quite saddening, actually.


2 thoughts on “Run Away

  1. w1 says:

    sometimes i can be neither fight nor flight.

    u can stay put, but exclude the problems.

    as wat i experienced before, solving it one at a time, when all things seems impossible, is the only possible way…

    cheers. things will get better soon. 😀

    (haha, as if i know wat is happening)

  2. Vincent says:

    Yes, sometimes I wish some of the problems will just simply go away. Not only d o they not go away, if I didn’t face them now, they may turn out even worse later…

    At times like this, I try to remind myself that “I know who holds tomorrow” and who is ultimately in charge of my life.

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