For the first time in a long time, I woke up this morning actually believing it was a weekend. It didn’t take more than a minute for me to realize it really was a working day (I didn’t care what weekday!) and that I was late and had slept through both my alarms (I have an alarm clock AND my phone set to ring at different times just in case I couldn’t be roused by one)… or maybe in my slumber I unconsciously snoozed both of them? I don’t know. This has happened before…definitely, but it has been quite awhile.

Practically jumping out of my bed and getting ready for my near dead life, it didn’t help that my mom commented that I should think about reasoning out the crazy hours with my superiors (coming straight out of Orthopaedics, these are crazy hours in comparison indeed). I could only mumble that there is nothing much that I could do about the situation. I had just ended a three-shift-in-two-day stint which comprised of a morning (8am to 3pm) and night (10pm to 8am) on the first day, immediately followed by an afternoon (3pm to 10pm) the next day, forcing a few hours of nap in my system between shifts (if I could even force any… my body’s losing its sleep wake cycle orientation!). I was scheduled to restart another of the crazy cycle again today. In fact, both my parents were commenting about my working hours today at dinner… it’s all in the name of housemanship, I guess. Since when labour laws were ever on our side anyway?

Dashing out the door, I thought thankfully that it’s the start of the school holidays, which means there may be less cars on the road… or so I could only hope. Technically by the time I left home, the supposedly ‘missing in action’ cars on the road would have arrived at school anyway… so it really didn’t make much of a difference. Great…

Don’t get me wrong, A&E posting can be quite fun with the right perspective and attitude (of course, it’s also important that you need the right people to work with too) but it’s the hours that really bogs one down. With no difference in the working hours between a weekday and a weekend, one could really start to forget what day of the week it is… unlike in other maybe more luxurious postings, where the one only has to work up till noon on a weekend. The number of the patients pretty much is the same on any day of the week, we still have to dress all formal on weekends, so really, there isn’t much of a visual indicator to remind us of the joyous weekends. (Of course, seeing colleagues from the other departments comfortably in their jeans on Saturdays and Sundays do help somewhat!)

Been seeing quite a lot of ‘interesting’ cases in the numerous time I’ve spent in that emergency department. Think I’ve only got time to share one here. This… a patient of my friend’s. I just happened to stop by the room and saw the case.


Poor young lady while wearing her solid jade ring accidentally whacked her hand on her steel bed frame. Finger with ring started to swell and cause her pain. Finger was so swollen she couldn’t even take the ring out of her finger… yes, she tried soap and butter. It was a compartment syndrome just waiting to happen. Even our MAs couldn’t break that never-ending circle with one of their equipments. They eventually did with bigger pliers, so I heard. Not sure if it’s clear enough here in this photo, but you can see a fracture line in one of the bones on that finger. The second bone from top – the middle phalanx.

Alrighty… gotta go get ready to start the next shift of the day 🙂


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