Reflections by the waters

Way too long. I’ve been gone for waaaayy too long. Well, it feels like I have. Believe or not, I do miss blogging, although I don’t seem to do it as often as I should.

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. From work to some private reflections on life and all there is to it. So here’s an update for those who desperately (lol!) want to know the on-goings of my little life.

I’m done working at ED! Yay! It’s about time and am looking forward to moving on to the next. Bring it on! It would be quite unusual to be referred to as a 4th poster cuz if we were to follow the old system, I would have already been known as a HO-MO AND working locums would be legal. Oh, the joys of working as a HO for 2 years.
(BTW, I DON’T do locums… not while I’m still under training. I don’t even trust myself to treat anyone properly on my own yet)

Will probably blog more about ED and my final thoughts on the posting as whole tomorrow before I step into a new world on Tuesday. Word goes that it probably will be O&G. Argh, the joys of child-bearing (and all there is to it…)



Was blessed with a short break at church camp last week and we went to Port Dickson for a few night’s stay. It’s been a few years since I’ve basked in that beach. I’ve left that place with a conclusion. If there’s anything I could wish for, I’d definitely go for beach-front property. I could just spend hours sitting in the sand, getting my feet soaked by the waves and watching the horizons. It is there that I’ve made the deepest and most personal meditations where there is completely no distractions. It is there where I feel God is nearest. I have spoken the most intimate words at the beach. It was an amazing experience. Ah, and also the joys of burning in the sun and getting a tan. 🙂

Stumbled upon some really cute twitter pics from Smashing Magazine. They were simply too cute that I just had to borrow them to decorate my blog.


2 3



I thought this was most adorable.
Look at its little tongue sticking out. 😛

So yup. I’ve officially put up a “Follow me on Twitter” link to the right. So if you’re a twitterer and would like to follow me, you’ll see the tiny blue bird on the right. Although I haven’t quite been twittering recently, I will try to as often as I can remember.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Hopefully more up tomorrow. 🙂


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