No thanks, please!

All the pushing, shouting, cries, liquidy, funny smell, blood.. they’re so not for me. I am terrified of O&G. First it was still okay in medical school because it was all about exposure and studying and learning to conduct deliveries. It is actually getting scarier when you’re there working as a doctor.

Yup. As you would have guessed, I’m now posted to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department and currently placed in the gynae ward for duty. But because we’re required to learn and know how to do certain procedures and deliver a required number of babies during the first week of duty, we have to tag/shadow in the labour room off office hours for that week. Basically we’re in the core of what Obstetrics really is… the delivery. Let me honestly tell you this, it is no place for the faint hearted. I don’t consider myself to be one, but after seeing some pretty emergency scary cases, I really started palpitating and had to sit and take a short break after the adrenaline was over. The cases involved a baby who was stuck within the birth canal. I wasn’t there at the scene of action to see what was really wrong, but from the room where I was, I heard the staff nurse shouting that the baby’s head was stuck. She kept repeating that and clearly there was sheer panic in her voice. I mean, these women are the most experienced lot which you can get for delivering babies. They’re midwives. When she’s almost screaming that something is wrong… something is deadly wrong. Some house officers went to her aide but they were needing someone with much more experience. While they were trying reach the medical officer on the phone (which then felt like futile attempts), my only instinct was to run out of the labour room and search for whoever I can find and get them down to where they’re needed. Thankfully recognized a specialist during his rounds in the next ward… but by the time we arrived, the team had managed to release the baby through some manoeuvres. But the baby did not cry. Did not seem to respond. Oh no. The paeds team quickly did their resuscitation. By then I had to attend to another woman giving birth.

Arghs. The agony and pain these women put through to bring forth the little one they carried for 9 months. Not a pretty sight. Reminded me of the post I had written back when I was in medical school – here. (I’m quite bummed that I lost all my photos during the move from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. Sigh. I had a good real life picture there.)

Well, here’s one thing that I can conclude at the end of my first day in this department: O&G is not for me. No way. Nuh uh. My friend and I are counting down the days… again. 😛


2 thoughts on “No thanks, please!

  1. Hey, believe it or not, some babies do remember which doctor delivered them even until they’re grown up. I know which doctor and nurse delivered me and I still know where are they working now ^_^

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