Hush, little baby

I hear a wail from a distance. Sounded like an inconsolable cry. Perhaps he’s hungry or needs a cuddle. But I was asleep. Perhaps I’ve been dreaming it since that’s pretty much all I hear all day long. I tried to reposition myself to get comfortable to maximize the hours I have for some shut-eye.

I hear the cry again. It’s getting louder.. demanding for attention. Opening my eyes, I remembered that I’ve been sleeping in the nursery/feeding room – the only place with a comfortable enough couch for a quick nap if the night permits. I stayed where I was, hoping for the staff nurse in charge to come and attend to the little one’s needs. She took awhile. If this were in the Sims 3 game, all I had to do was click on the baby, “Pick up” *click* “Cuddle” *click* “Feed baby” *click* .. and the crying would automatically stop.

But nope, this is no game. The crying went on until the staff nurse came in and picked him up. Still crying. She fed him some milk and gave a little cuddle. He was back asleep not too long after.

O&G has been tough. I’m still not typically enjoying it, but I’m learning to adapt – doing what I need to do to get by. There is so much pressure to ensure that the mother’s delivery goes by smoothly without errors. I’ve seen so many different kinds of mothers. New mothers, or those who have had at least 7 children already, those who lost the baby in their womb, some unmarried, some teenagers.. and most of them pose practically the same question to me every other day – whether or not I was a mother myself.

In the beginning it was quite an awkward question to answer, having to explain why I wasn’t one yet when a lot of them who are pretty much as old as I am were at their first, if not second or third pregnancy. But as the days go by and having to answer that same question over and over again, it became easier – almost second nature, knowing what question comes next.

No, I’m not a mother and I don’t quite see it coming in the near future at all. Sure, sometimes when I hold these little precious ones some of whom I assisted in delivery that the little longing deep inside surfaces for a moment. “It would be nice to have one of my own to play with”. That’s right. Play with. For a moment. Then when it’s more than a moment and then you’re required to feed almost every half an hour, change their diapers, hear them cry deep into the night… it’s a heavy duty job, which I guess it’s not mine to have right now.

Gotta get back to work and face more little babies…


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