New music and language

I’ve always been drawn towards the voice of the cello. I absolutely love the smooth mellow and soothing warm tone it produces especially when played under skilful hands. If you’ve heard music which has a cello part in it, it would sound like it’s singing in a human voice.

It’s eerily beautiful. 200554755-001

I could only wished that I had a steady work schedule so I could slot in cello classes.. but I don’t and a cello simply costs too much. Maybe I’ll pick it up in the future – I don’t know, we’ll see.

Since I’m dwelling on the topic of picking up certain skills, there’s another skill I feel the need to pick up – to speak Burmese. We have so many foreigners coming in pregnant and giving birth in my hospital and the Indonesians and Burmese top the list. The problem with some of these Burmese ladies is that they have no command of any local language at all. Some can barely make it through with Malay language but I’ve seen more than enough who would give you blank stares when trying to communicate with them. I have to end up giving hand signals which is not easy to ask whether they are having contractions and whether the baby is moving fine in their tummy.

One of my colleagues felt the same way and has already bought the language book. We’ve tried it together and Burmese is not an easy language to learn at all. Unlike Japanese where there isn’t a tone to change the meaning of syllables, Burmese is somewhat like Mandarin with tones and stops within the word which could alter the word into a whole different meaning. It sounds a lot like Thai. Super not easy.. but it’s a challenge I feel very much strongly for, in order for me to be able to communicate well with my patients. One can argue that they should be the ones who must learn our language because they set foot on our land.. but I beg to differ because there is absolutely no harm in picking up an extra language. If we want to be better doctors, we must understand our patients in order to fully know the health problems in which they face.

I should be buying the book soon… I hope.


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