Someone I’d like you to meet

It’s been too long since I’ve been gone from writing but every time I put up my writer to attempt to write, I come short of inspiration. Work’s the usual…nothing much is different. A lot of contemplations, reflections and prayers about the future. Still, nothing much to post up to share…

…until I stumbled upon this from a blog I subscribe to.




You can read more about him here and here
or visit his official website here.

What a tear-jerking video. It’s alright to admit it.. I shed a few tears myself. It put me to shame about how I’ve always felt like I could not do much because I’m your average Jane and here is this guy, much limited in his physical ability but doing so much more in encouraging and inspiring others.

So listen to what he said.. next time you fall and feeling like the weight of the world is upon you that you just can’t seem to get back up, keep trying, keep praying. One day, you will… and you will soar.


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