Are we there yet?

Is it over already?



Gosh, everyday feels like a century long.

I’ve never been in a posting which felt like time was crawling ever so slowly by. Seriously. Every time we stop and think how much more time do we need to pay in this department, we’d be amazed that we’re still only about halfway there. Let’s see.. as of today, I’ve got 45 more days here (provided that I don’t get extended, of course). Feels like forever… sigh.

A large portion of that leftover days will be spent in the dreaded labour room… that time is inching much closer than before. When I mean it being an inch close, it’s actually starting tomorrow. Oh! The horror of horrors. lol. Don’t ask me why I feel so terrified of labour room, cuz I just am. I’ll definitely be dragging my feet to work tomorrow and with my knees trembling.

On a brighter note, I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of crocs for my month’s worth of work in the labour room since I anticipate a lot of walking and dirty stuff going here and there. No, I’ve still not bought my pair but while surfing through the main crocs website, I stumbled upon this. Wow. I am honoured. It is a pretty well designed pair, I must say 🙂


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