There’s babies everywhere!

What a week it has been!


Surviving each day is like an adventure on its own. No. Wait. The adventure word gives it a fun-like connotation to it. It’s not. No way, sir. If anything, it’s the total opposite of fun. UN-fun. lol.

From dirtying my good pants with placenta blood…
…to a maternal death from uterine rupture
…to the most-distressed-of-fetal-distresses-that-I’ve-seen-until-I-couldn’t-believe-how-fast-the-staff-were-at-getting-the-patient-into-OT-that-stat,
…to hyper-hormonal staff nurses where to a point it’s getting REAAAALLLYYY annoying at how I feel they’re ordering us around…
…to…to.. can’t think of more at this late hour but I’m sure I will when I remember them…the list is definitely longer than this.

Of course not all is well and dandy in the labour room where expecting parents are overjoyed to receive their newborn babies. I’ve had the privileged of working in the high dependency ward inside the labour room and came across a case which has gripped my heart.

(I do realize that I usually blog about all the sad stories I come across… )

A young mother halfway though her pregnancy started experiencing symptoms suggestive of a deadly disease, which after many long days of investigations, the horrifying nightmare of the diagnosis was finally confirmed. The next difficult step was to decide what was the best solution for her and the baby given the terminal situation. It didn’t look good at all. It seems to appear that she might possibly have to give her life up for the sake of her baby. Really sad.

Sigh. Still counting down the days to when this posting will be over. In fact, everyday I keep wishing that time would pass by quicker.

36 days more (I think… not counting well in the middle of the night). lol.


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