Allergic to O&G

DSC00803 DSC00805

Since working in labour room, I started to develop really painful rashes on the dorsal part of my hands. The pain would feel like it’s literally burning when I used the alcohol rub or had my hands near the baby warmers. It became so bad to a point that my hands were both quite swollen and red patches appeared all over up to my wrists (if you can see in the picture). I had no choice but to occasionally cool my hands with cold running tap water.

Thankfully, with good ol’ BVC, the swelling has much subsided but unfortunately is leaving behind a horrid layer of dry skin which made my hands look like those of an old woman – dry and wrinkly.

I’ve been told it’s likely that the constant use of the sterile gloves has caused an allergic reaction.. which is probably right, since the rash only appears in a glove-like distribution. However, one clever staff nurse said that maybe I’m allergic to O&G, which I could not agree 100% more. I like that label. Allergic to O&G. Giving off an allergic reaction. Can’t stay near for too long.. detrimental to me. 😛 hehe..

Raya season’s coming up in a few days.. to all my friends who celebrate this festival.. Have a happy Raya time with your family and friends. Will be working a little more to cover for the rest during the holiday time. Am really praying that it wouldn’t be as busy as a regular day.


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