Musings from the Labour Room

It’s approximately 5:45am and in about 2 hours, I would be officially off-duty for the day. To be honest, I’ve never had a better on-call night than I did last night. It would be reasonable to say that it’s because of the Raya season that there are less local women in and around the area as most would have gone to their home state for the festive season. That being said, we have had our fair share of being busy since the afternoon. Anyhoo, I’m happy I got my fair share of sleep which I’ve never had before since working here in the labour room.

Many mishaps have happened since my team took over the ward for the month. I’m beginning to believe that I could actually be the Jonah one (as many of my colleagues have already speculated from the start) since a lot of these incidences happened when I’m around or that the night would be super busy when I’m on-call. Some maternal deaths, major fetal distresses and a cord prolapse INDIRECTLY (emphasis) caused by yours truly, just to name a few. Right now, I’m just looking ahead on to quickly finishing up my remaining days and heading out of the department. As quick as I can.

I think I should finish off now as a few of the staff nurses have been peeking and watching me since I started writing. Till then, ciao!


2 thoughts on “Musings from the Labour Room

  1. mark mureli says:

    hey, u r not dat jonah la… or maybe u r la… but its still loads of fun to be oncall wit u…. n abt d cord prolapse, its not u la… our great u know who decided to traumatize d lady drg d ve… thank god nothn happen to d baby…. y u din mention anythn abt d makan-makan v had? hehe….

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