What’s a century divided by four?

Blogging is such a great tool to quickly access the moments the writer has captured into words in one particular cross-section of time,
… very much like an online diary thing.

I knew I really wanted to write again in dedication to the moment to which my age technically/biologically/legally changes – present known number plus one.

Little had I realize upon looking back that I had actually penned birthday thoughts on my blog in a biennial pattern. Today would be the third post written in succession to the last one two years ago. You’ll find them in the archives (October 2005, November 2007).

Time flies. Literally. Soon enough it will be another two years.

I told myself not to sound sappy.

Yes. It’s the big 2-5. It is HUGE, isn’t it? No plans on hiding my age there, you would have known if you read my past birthday posts anyway… although the growing number is starting to make me shy and quite uncomfortable. Too many reasons behind that to get into. 🙂

Y’know what would be interesting? To write to future me and perhaps the Lydia-ten-years-older could get going on some answers.

Dear Future Lydia,

Hey. What’s up? Does that term still sound applicable in your time? Btw, you look great for your age. Keep it up. 🙂

I’ve got a ton of questions for you…

Are you still all into that must-keep-yourself-thin? What’s your weight now?

What about your hair? Is it still long? Did you radically make a change somewhere along the line?

Are you still afraid of lizards? It’s ok if you still are. What about cats? How do you feel about them now?

Please tell me that you’ve already learn to swim properly and maybe went scuba-diving at least once!

What about family? How’s mommy and daddy doing? I hope you’re taking good care of them and making sure they’re seeing a good doctor when they’re ill. Don’t pretend you’re all that smart y’know.

Are you married yet? Dating, at least? Seriously?

Are you wiser now? Making better life decisions?

Oh Oh! I hope by now you would have at least seen the Aurora lights and maybe the Grand Canyon? Do you travel a lot? Have you gone to more countries in the South East Asia region, other than Singapore? Did you make a trip to visit your adopted daughter? Have we adopted anymore children?

Please tell me you still dress up a little and that you’re physically fit to still wear heels on nice occasions.

How’s church? Still going on strong, I’m pretty sure. Nothing can be against it when God’s on her side!

Still baking occasionally? Has your cooking and baking skills improved? That’s great. I’m sure they’re all delicious stuff.

What’s been good in your life nowadays? What’s about the not-so-good ones? Are you still glorifying God in all that you do? I’m sure you’re finding Him more and more precious by the day.

I’d love to know how you’re doing. I’ll be waiting here for your reply.

oh… btw. Happy Birthday.

Present Lydia


6 thoughts on “What’s a century divided by four?

  1. Future Lydia says:

    Dear 25-year-old Lydia,

    No dear, What’s up hasn’t been used for a number of years now. A more common term I am using now is “teanastellen”, which is hello in Ethiopian.

    You see, I am now heading up the Pediatric H9N9 (yes the virus has evolved 9 times already) program in Ethiopia. The virus is currently ravaging the African continent. it is also termed the Michael Jackson virus as one of the effects of the virus is that it causes the skin to lose its pigmentation, as a result an infected patient turns into a “white man”. I vaguely remember MJ died in the same year as your 25th birthday.

    I am glad to tell you that I am a cat lover now. I was much influenced by my Husband Tilahun Gessesse Jr. This is the 12th son of the greatest Ethiopian singer of all time. He has decided to follow his father’s footsteps and started a music ministry here in Addis Ababa to reach out to local Ethiopians. We met when I was chasing a chicken who ran away from our clinic and he helped me catch it. We now have 12 children, and they are all growing up to be God loving Afrikaans.

    I wish you well and God Bless.

  2. 30-year-old-Lydia says:

    Dear Future Lydia,

    I choked on my coffee this morning. Oh My Gawd, I’m going to be Ethiopia and married to an Ethiopian?

    What happened to Dave? The “McDreamy” of John Hopkins Pediatrics? Did we break up? He is such a wonderful, caring guy. He brought me to a movie last night, and my goodness, he purchased an advertisement slot in the movie and asked me to marry him on screen !!! The whole movie theater clapped and cheered and I said yes of course. Did I make the wrong decision?

    I’m about to finish my residency program here at John Hopkins. I have an offer from the John Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore. This is my dream job that I have been praying for. How did I end up in Africa?

    Dear future Lydia, what am I to do, what am I to do?

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