This boy


Imagine not being able to walk from the age of 5 when you could run and skip before turning 2. Imagine losing your older brothers before you could even understand why they’re gone. Imagine breathing becoming more of a conscious effort than a natural automated process. Imagine that as you lose your ability to walk, you suddenly realize they’re slowly becoming deformed. Twisted. Hard. Joints no longer a smooth movement. Imagine that all you could really do is lie on your bed and sit up. Imagine your parents knowing you will face the same fate as your brothers in a few years. All by the age of 11.

He’s an adorable boy sadly inflicted with a horrible genetic disease. Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He only had two older brothers and both of them succumbed to the this disease’s fatal complications in the recent months. This boy was tested positive even before he showed any symptoms at all. Out of 7 children, 3 of them positive, 4 were negative of which 3 are daughters. 1 lucky younger brother. Negative. Safe. Their parents’ only surviving son. This boy had come in with simple pneumonia. Nothing big. Nothing too serious yet. Who knows when his respiratory system may give way. At least he’s not on oxygen support yet. But soon he will be. Soon he will pass on. Not yet, their parents hope. Give him a few more happy years.

My ward houses general paeds and is partially a specialized neuro ward. All kinds of neurological diseases. Meningitis. Encephalitis. Severe epilepsy. Dravet Syndrome – never even heard of it. It is a rather sad field to be in. Sometimes these are never curable. Sometimes the simple ones are. But most of the time, you’re seeing children lying on their beds with a tracheostomy. Neurologically different. But I guess that’s what life is. It’s a God purposed thing. It is through these things that we realize that He alone is perfect.

Not us.

We’re messed up human beings to which only Jesus can save.

Physical death awaits all of us – it’s just a matter of time. How one lives the life after can be changed. With one decision.

Got to head to work now. Will write more later..


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