Day 9196 of life


Here’s an update for those who would like to keep up on my dull life (if the work of a doctor is ever dull in the first place!).


Tonight I have to pick up this textbook and start studying for an official Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) exam which will be held this coming Thursday and Friday. It’s a 916 page book packed with information about the normal body changes when a fetus becomes a neonate and what to do when the wrong things happen. 916 pages before Thursday. I have no idea how I am going to finish reading the book.

This week…

This week marks the second of six weeks to which I am working in the Special Care Nursery (SCN) of the Paediatrics department. It’s the section where we deal with newborn infants from birth right up to four weeks old. Much to my surprise I am enjoying it so far. Well, perhaps it’s because I haven’t started the difficult bulk of it yet – being on call and having to resuscitate babies. Nope, won’t be doing that until after I’ve completed the NRP course. Being in the SCN actually opened me up to at least consider Paediatrics as a possibility for my future. Maybe. Just maybes. No strong calling yet. Still waiting.


Today I stood by and watch helplessly as a little baby battles withdrawal symptoms. My mind just could not comprehend how a mother could even think of loading herself with dangerous drugs knowing quite well that her child’s also getting some of it and what makes it worse is to have her high moments so close to giving birth. If a mother herself knows she cannot withstand these awful symptoms, how could she expect her little one to? It was painful to see. I’ve seen it happen in adults and it is way too much for a baby less than a day old to experience.

Right now…

Right now I feel like sipping some coffee. The apple cinnamon-y scent from my burning candle makes it just the right atmosphere for a good cuppa…

… and an NRP textbook.  (-_-)

PS: New deco for the new year.. thanks to my graphics girl. I love it!


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