Priceless lives


One day.

One ward.

Two babies.

Both born stricken with different congenital abnormalities.

Both sets of parents knew beforehand during the course of the pregnancy.

Same birthday.

Different welcome.

One baby had doctors predicting that he probably may not last the weekend. Severe hydrocephalus. Too little brain matter to live for the long run.

Initially his father wanted doctors to do all they can to save his son. After much counselling whether these measures will ever be helpful for the baby, his father had to give in. There wasn’t anymore hope.

The other baby had doctors planning major surgeries to correct the abnormality. Leaking myelomeningocoele. Although he probably may never walk in his life, he could still be mentally normal. Only time will tell whether he would be or not.

His father reacted differently. He watched his newborn son in the incubator for a little while. Perhaps it’s the way his son looks or the odd sleeping posture or the unusual way his son’s legs rests, but this little boy’s parents started contemplating the thought of giving him away.

I couldn’t believe my ears when his father asked me about the possibility of not wanting this baby. I asked him again to make sure I heard right. My heart sank when it was truly so. I made sure I sat and thoroughly explained that there is hope for his son to live a near normal life. Many children I’ve seen with the same condition were absolutely adorable ones with brilliant intelligence. Of course I couldn’t guarantee that it would be the same for his son but there is always still hope. I urged them to reconsider and wait to watch his progress especially after the surgery.

I really hope they do.

Two boys.

Just right across each other in the ward.

Different fates.

One was wanted more than the other.

One not worth any more or less than the other.

Who are we to decide otherwise?


One thought on “Priceless lives

  1. mark mureli says:

    dats really deep. many at times over the last year i have tot of dis as well… who r we to decide…. haih…. i still dnt knw how to answer dat question…. here its not to bad, dey’ll intubate almost any birth weight… bek in d smaller hospital which oni has 2 ventilators or 1, d minimum weight dey” intubate is 1000grams or 1200 grams…. d rest will be resus but no intubation…. sad rite… and that goes back to d question at hand, who are we to decide?

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