My car and me

January marks my trusty companion’s first birthday. 🙂 AND we’ve made it through one whole year accident-free!! That’s a miracle indeed. However, I cannot deny that there were many MANY super-near accidents and I know it is only by God’s grace that I’m still alive today. Seriously. With all the sleepy drives home (especially post-call!), sometimes I don’t even feel myself driving the car when I actually am. God is truly good.

I did find a dent on my driver’s door some weeks ago– it’s a typical kind of mark caused by people who mercilessly yank open their car doors without much care and leaving cruel damage behind on my car!

Here he/she is – at one year old.
(I can’t decide on a gender for my black friend!)

Mobile Photo Feb 1, 2010 20 53 22

My car has been my ever faithful companion back and forth work. We’ve spent hours together in the traffic jams and we’ve raced to the hospital on the days when I’m late. We’ve even shared precious memorable rides which I will truly treasure a lifetime.

Our first few car service dates. Our first flat tyre.

In celebration of his/her first birthday, I treated my black friend to a good car polish and wax session (which took even longer than my usual facial sessions!). Now it’s all shiny and has a nice glossy feel.


…my car has stains that won’t go away. 😦 I have no idea how they appeared, but it’s been quite a long time since I’ve noticed these spots. White spots of variable sizes which infects the portion of the car that faces up – that means it spares my car doors. Figured it must be something that’s being sprayed from the top. Initially I thought these spots will/might go away with a good polish… but it didn’t!!! 😦 It’s there to stay because it has somehow corroded into my car paint and left permanent marks.

I can’t seem to think what might have brutally caused such damage to my car. Acidic rain? The pollen/sap from the trees where I park my car outside my condo? My dad even suggested that someone might want to sabotage my car – although I highly don’t think so. haha. I’m even starting to think that it may even be from the black-carbon-like debris that emitted along with a poisonous-like smell from one of my hospital chimney where I used to park my car back when I was in A&E. I’d usually find my car covered with that black soot-like things after my work shift. uggghhh..

Now the only way to eliminate these yucky spots is to repaint my car – which will cost me a bomb and I definitely cannot afford a bomb at the moment. Perhaps I need to consider working some locum hours now 😦

Mobile Photo Feb 1, 2010 20 54 40

I tried to take a picture to show the ugly white spots but it isn’t showing so well and instead I’m take a picture of the reflection of my church building where I momentarily parked. But if you do look closely, you can see some of it on my car.


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