Moving on to the last

Yesterday was my last working day at Paediatrics. I say that with a heavy heart around that thought. The past four months have been very enjoyable, especially towards the end in SCN.

Paediatrics has been by far the only posting to which I have spoken so fondly of (and my close colleague will testify to this!). It is perhaps the only posting I have mentioned that I will miss a lot – although I would also admit that there is an added dread of the next posting thereby exaggerating the desire to stay in Paediatrics longer.

I really like working with children. I love their innocence and simple-mindedness. The specialists and medical officers have been so encouraging and patient with us. (I totally admire the Head of Neonatology and how stylish and trendy she is! I wouldn’t mind being just like her!) It is also here where I have actually given thought and considered Paediatrics as a possible future. Still no decisions made yet…. for I am still waiting on one.

Sadly, the four months has come to an end.

Goodbye Paediatrics. You will be dearly missed.

Mobile Photo Feb 11, 2010 16 45 22


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