Saved the worst for last

I have just completed my one week’s worth of tagging in my latest posting – General Surgery. I’ve heard of this department long before I step foot in it – mostly about a general distaste for it. I thought I could walk into it with my chin up and some sense of optimism that things wouldn’t be that bad.. at least for me, I hoped.

Oh boy. Was I dead wrong.

I have already ran into deep trouble even before my first working day. Thus, I am now in their list of doctors to keep a note of. The black list. Not good. REALLY not good.

If only it were as exciting as the infamous Grey’s anatomy where there’s at least a McDreamy to look at. Sadly, it isn’t. 


Instead what you get is a bunch of surgeons and wannabes as if on a testosterone overdrive. You’ll hear all their deep voices when they talk among each other, their eyes piercing through you as if to catch any flaw which they could gladly make a really big deal of. There is a stillness of fear in the air when they walk in the corridors of the ward. Sometimes the house-officers project their palpitations outwardly with tremors and stammers, making them feel even lower than they already do.

This is Surgery. It’s like a man eats man world.

As someone has put it…welcome to hellhole.


4 thoughts on “Saved the worst for last

  1. oh whoa there. you need to step back. take stock.
    first of all this mcdreamy fella you speak of. are you aware that he began his career as a child actor? no serious. he did. i gotta believe that has had some affect on his decision making as a doctor and why he seems so concerned and expresses it so visually beneath that great hair.
    and you! your awareness of this trap. sure you tried to put it behind you, but you knew. chin up of not im sure you were prepared to tuck it in tight once the madness began. i mean a boxer walks into the ring of hell too, chin up, but he doesn’t stick out either.
    keep up the fight sister. don’t let them get you down. and when you feel beaten go home, watch tv and read the good book. inspiration is coming after the next commercial break.



  2. A Friend says:

    I do totally understand your feelings for the department. Somehow, I couldn’t help but to agree with you. At least, you are DEAD wrong, not DEAD yet. I think you’ll do fine, I know you will. But I guess it’s too bad you couldn’t find any McDreamy like what you thought you would in Grey’s Anatomy. Really, no one noticeable even??
    Hang in there, you’ll survive, the Lord will be there for you..

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