Run run run

I have come to my senses that I desperately need to lose some serious weight start a healthy lifestyle.

Why, hello…what do we have here?

Mobile Photo Mar 22, 2010 21 34 07

Mobile Photo Mar 22, 2010 21 36 56

Looks like a new pair of running shoes!

Mobile Photo Mar 22, 2010 21 37 31

It’s not just any pair too.. it’s one that costs me $$$.

That’s not all… here’s something to go with it.

Mobile Photo Mar 22, 2010 21 37 55

It’s a Nike + iPod Sensor to work remarkably for my pair of shoes… as you will see how in a short moment.

Mobile Photo Mar 22, 2010 21 38 22

That little gadget fits in that little black hole in the sole of the shoe.

Plug that in, run around and you get numbers that fill these screens on the iPhone.


Technology’s simply amazing, isn’t it?

That’s not all, folks. Here’s some new discoveries I found while checking out Nike’s website. For the running fanatics out there, there’s treasures in these that could make you go gaga.

There’s a section called Nike Running where you could do stuff with all things related to…running.

Firstly you get to create a little virtual image of yourself…
…and that’s me!!!


That image of me says the things which I would never ever say in real life, such as…

Let’s get these runs started pronto.”

My running game needs a major energy boost.”

I’m ready to get my run on!” – yes, with an exclamation mark too!

I’m stuck in a rut! What I wouldn’t give for a run!”

Breaking a sweat never felt so good!”

Perhaps I MIGHT start talking like that once I get going with my runs. lol. Who knows.

As promised, the main function of the sensor is to detect and record the runs and to log it in some sort of data format so that poor runners like me can feel some small sense of usefulness in our mere attempts to keep fit.


More than just tracking, one can set personal goals which needs to be achieved within a set period of time. I’m going to go with the burn calories option. How much calories in how long – I’d keep that to myself 🙂


Now for those who think that goals are not their thing and that only challenges would get their adrenaline going.. here’s the section for you. Challenges.


There’s even a list of runners who have taken up the challenge… looks like they’re in the range of thousands. How cool is that.

For amateurs like me who have completely no idea how to get about running and building up stamina.. fear not. There’s a coach at hand.


I definitely fit under the red (alert) category where I’m still learning to run from walking.

Under that, Nike has devised a planned program for runners who wish to achieve the said goal. That graph is a 12 week plan to kill to build the body’s stamina for better running.


Here’s another super cool section. Map It. Once I had bought my shoes and the necessary accessories (you can’t run without being dressed for it!), I started creating excuses worrying about when I could run and where in my small neighbourhood I could actually run(other than the pothole road outside my condo and the uneven tiles of the tiny park in my condo). Thanks to local Malaysian runners who have charted available roads to run in your neighbourhood and not only is the trail marked on map but the distance of that trail too! I searched up an example from my ex-uni at Bukit Jalil.

Click for larger image

Now if all that goodies I’ve told you about hasn’t made your brain gone bonkers, there’s more.

Nike also came up with this really cool iPhone app geared more towards training.. for women.


I present to you.. the Nike Training Club.



It’s here where you get to pick a program to work on for a set period of time and it automatically gives out scheduled days for workout. Not just that, but they’ve also planned out the exercises you should do on those days. Don’t know what a “Bridge Crunch” is? There’s even videos in there where Nike trainers teach you how to perform those exercises properly. Talk about a step-by-step training program! 🙂


I have brought my little Nike Me to facebook and you’ll find her on my profile page.  It should actually show the runs I’ve done and the distance I’ve covered (provided I don’t start slacking and become lazy…).

All this talk of running actually makes me miss dancing instead. How odd.

Wish me luck!


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