Little town

Recently someone suggested that I restart writing on my blog after being on hibernation mode for at least 5 months. Gosh, time sure flies when you’re having fun. And by that, I mean taking a whole month’s worth of leave and just being on holiday.

But as always, all fun must have its unwanted ending. Other than working for 3 short weeks at Paediatrics as a junior MO, I was in the midst of trying to appeal my new placement to which I was sent to the state of Perak. Unless one has cables the size of elephant trunks, most appeals were never usually entertained – and that included mine.

Which is why I’m here. In Slim River.


A tiny town in the middle of nowhere, situated (thankfully) near the North-South Highway, pretty much at the border of Perak and Selangor state.

And it even exists on Wikipedia… which is pretty shocking for me.

When I mean small town, it’s literally tiny. Three traffic lights, I think? To my horror of horrors, there wasn’t even a 7-Eleven! No Tesco, no McDs, no KFC, no Starbucks…

Yes, go ahead and laugh.
I’m a pampered KL city girl. 🙂 now realizing how I’ve taken the city and all of its convenience for granted.


It wasn’t just the town that needed getting used to – there’s also the hospital where I needed to familiarize myself to. It’s pretty much the biggest building you’ll get in Slim River Town which was up and running since 2001. Yeah, it looks big but it isn’t really.


The best part about this move (or correctly, the worst) is the fact that I was placed in…

…wait for it…

…the Obstetric and Gynaecology Department!


Frequent readers would’ve remembered posts I’ve written about a year back when I was going through my O&G posting as a house-officer from June to October 2009. Of all the postings I’ve been through, I think I blogged quite a bit while working in that department. Some may remember the intense dislike (hatred would’ve been an appropriate word but feels oh-so-strong) I had for the O&G posting and the work it involves. From the allergies, to the blood, the shouting, the busy busy nights, …

…and it’s all coming back to me now.

Not in a good way, at all. It’s pretty much made worse when now you’ve got the job of a medical officer and have to start making decisions as to when it’s called a suspicious CTG, when to call it a fetal distress and now given the task of performing the Caesarean section itself!

Anyway, I’m taking it a step at a time and treating all these as part of the learning process of being a better doctor – even for mothers in labour.

Will try to write more as soon as I can… maybe post up more pictures too! 🙂 Till then…


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