Just the way you are

It’s been awhile since anybody has written a good piece of love song… well, at least not that I know of. Sadly (or not), I am a serious victim of sappy mushy romantic songs.

However, I would dare say that the latest hit song "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars has certainly rocked and melted the hearts of many girls out there. Day in and out I’ve seen many friends quoting lines of the song on their Facebook status updates. Perhaps it’s the honesty etched in the simple words that captivates us so easily. Maybe it’s the catchy tune that goes on and on which ends in such an affirmative tone to "Just the way you are".

The song written to what we understand as a graphically perfect girl, yet somehow reflects indirectly that the singer is a perfect guy himself. Now, girls, tell me, who wouldn’t want a man to tell you’re amazing despite the flaws which so often grapples our self confidence?

Though the conversation described in its lyrics sometimes sounds a little too cliche, yet it wouldn’t surprise anyone that such insecure thoughts probably runs through our little girly minds more than we know and the genuine affection expressed couldn’t be too far from any real guy either!

Just thought I’d state my two cents worth about a song which I felt somehow captures a small true essence of any boy-girl relationship… 

…and it’s also a nice song.


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