I woke up one day and to my horror of horrors, found my blog layout changed into this really plain white one. I have no idea what happened, but I lost all the customizations I had designed from when I moved here to wordpress.

So I figured… it’s time for a makeover. Due to the lack of choices available here at wordpress, this is the best I could come up with. Looks girly enough for me 🙂

I don’t know. I kinda like it. What do you think?

Update number 2. Was googling the other day to try to find out the status of my position (which I eventually found out from my office that I’ve been promoted to UD44) and stumbled upon this.


This article was written back in 2008 when the first few groups of house officers started off the two year program of which yours truly happened to fall under its category.

“RM6000 a month for docs after two year housemanship.”

It’s been two years. I’m done with my housemanship. Nope. No RM6000 for me. Not even close. I’m not sure about my colleagues who work across the ocean in East Malaysia (they get extra allowances which eventually is swallowed up in the high cost of living there), but for most of us, we’re sent to district hospitals/clinics to work and our living allowances suddenly drops to a small figure barely enough to pay my house rent. Then I was told that my promoted status makes me ineligible to receive some allowance which I’ve been receiving as a houseofficer. Minus more there. So in the end, after deducting all the things we’re now suddenly not eligible to receive, the end figure is pretty much the same for what I’ve been paid as a house officer.

So kids, if you’re thinking of taking up medicine for the money you thought you could earn as a doctor, you better start waking up now. NOW. Before it’s too late and you’re sucked in the cycle and trapped to continue on because you’re already in it. No financial returns. Bad investment. Seriously.

There was an article I was asked to comment on, you’ll find the link here. Totally agree with the writer’s views. Totally. He’s telling you the truth. The ugly truth.

For the rest of us in the field, we just gotta make the best out of our situation I guess… and just enjoy this ever bumpy ride. 🙂


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