Zero one zero one two zero one one

Isn’t it amazing to come to the end of a year and realize how fast time has breezed past us like a gentle but stately wind without us knowing it? With that little short pause given, we could only manage to breathe a little, until we realize we’re already ushering in the new year and expected to repeat the cycle of months all over again. I suppose this is what we call time – a kind of force that engulfs everything we do, the measurement we use to determine our growth and our life events.

I vividly remember writing an essay piece about time back in high school. The idea of it simply fascinated me that it’s such an inevitable force we cannot stop nor hold back for it moves forward whether we’re ready or not. It waits for no man and often we end up chasing it while trying to keep up with its pace. It marks our birth, our end here on earth and everything that happens in between. Sometimes I do wonder what it would be like if time were to cease altogether. How would that feel like? Not to wonder what tomorrow would be like, or worry what yesterday brought unto us. And this is what we call eternity. Immeasurable by time.

As I reflect upon 2010 in this little short pause, I am overcome with thankfulness. It truly has been a year of blessings – oh-so-often unrealized. God has been very good in many ways. Yes, it also has been a year marked with the lost of many loved ones – including the only grandfather I ever knew. But in the interlace of funerals after funerals, many good things have come to pass in my little life.

I’m blessed with yet another year of good health for my family. Another year given to spend together. Blessed with the wonderful growth of the church – another good year of unity.

Housemanship ended smoothly and thankfully without a glitch. Ironically I do still miss that ‘mad house’. The friendships garnered and experiences gained are simply invaluable. Moreover, I am truly blessed to be sent here to Slim River. Although I’ve whined about being in the O&G department, but my boss and colleagues (which include the house-officers and staff nurses, down to the other support staff) are a joy to work with.

Perhaps the highlight for the year 2010 was the meeting of someone very special to me. He entered into my life at a time when I thought I could hope no more. His presence has been a source of love, joy and comfort – so much that it comes to a point where it overwhelms me. I could write a lengthy piece on this, but it should probably be best left a little discreet. Maybe one day I might. We’ll see. Just not yet.

So what is in store for 2011 then? A lot of exams for sure. Do I have any resolutions for this newborn year? Yes, I certainly do. Staying healthy and fit is definitely one of them. I want to pick up my running skills where they left off many months ago. Another one is to return to the habit of reading more. Learning and improving my cooking skills would also be a great addition.

And I want to get back to writing more frequently again. There’s been a challenge issued to the bloggers here at WordPress either to blog daily or weekly. Signing up for the Post A Day 2011 was very tempting but I know that would be quite impossible to do – hmmm.. but then again, what is a challenge without it feeling a little difficult? Anyway, I just thought I’d go for the Post A Week 2011 instead just to start things slow and hopefully pick up momentum as we go along. WordPress came up with this really good idea of stimulating our boring neuron cells with good topics and questions to get our brain juice flowing so we won’t run out of things to write. We’ll see how that goes.

So here’s to the new year, friends. For its many trials and confrontations we’re bound to face, that we may gain strength and courage from above to look them in the eye, tackling them head on with wisdom and grace that we may emerge as conquerors at the end of the day. For the days when it feels like it’s not worth it, we’d stay focus on the prize that awaits us at the end of our race. For the blessings that will be showered upon us in the days to come, that they may not go unnoticed like before, but that we’d count them one by one and be thankful. For the love that is found in family and friends that surround us, that we’d cherish and learn to love and give back immensely more – to those who deserve it and even to those who don’t.

Happy New Year!


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