The Beginning

Everybody’s talking about their new year resolutions and many have hoped that this new year would be one that brings forth happiness and success.

January is after all, a time of beginnings – where we start all things anew. We try to cultivate new habits, we kick start our exercise regimes, we write and plan goals we want to achieve for this new year.

I just read and found out that January was named after the Roman god Janus who was depicted to have two heads that were on the opposite of his head. It came to represent as one head looking back and reflecting upon what that has passed and another to the future to what was the uncertain.

Have you thought of what you plan to achieve for the year 2011? What have you done about it?

For some reasons, I have mothers who come to the hospital in labour hoping to have their baby delivered in the month of January – which I don’t understand why. I always thought it was better to be an end-of-the-year baby. Oh well. I suppose it’s because of the nice numbers for their birthdates. 01-11.


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