It’s only the second week of January and it already feels like I’m slacking off from the challenge of posting something at least once a week. Well, I’m definitely not going to let that happen for sure!

Today I’m going to share another new year resolution of mine – to learn to keep track of my expenses. Sometimes, if the spirit is weak, I can be a victim of shopping sales and bargains. Hence, the need to record all my spending to alert me of my bad habit.

imageLet me introduce you to Moneybook. An iPhone app which costs $2.99 but does so much to do what it need in a eye-pleasing graphics (at least to me, it does). Compared to other free apps I’ve tried, the rest seem so confusing with terminology which I simply don’t understand. This app is simple. It’s beautiful. It’s working great for me!



But it requires a lot of diligence and work to remember to input my expenses. So I’ve tried to make it a habit to use this app every time I open my purse. Working well so far… but for some reason I foresee myself failing the system. Doesn’t surprise me as I do so for practically every resolution I come up with.




To those of you who uses an iPhone/iPod touch and want to be aware of the flow of money out of your bank account, this is one app I’d recommend. 🙂

On another hand, Chinese New Year is coming in a few weeks and I’m super excited.


3 thoughts on “Moneybook

  1. Kei says:

    hey 🙂 been reading ur blog for a while now but i never got to commenting on anything.
    but i remember reading ur post on having to lift a lifeless fetus to the medical dish and i dont know why but since then i can never forget this post of yours.
    if you don’t mind me asking, what was the cause of it? and what was the procedure done?

    • Hi there! It’s so refreshing to receive comments from strangers and indeed yours brightened up my day. Thanks for reading my humble musings. Well, with regards to that post, it was written quite some time ago, but if I remembered well, it was a macerated still birth and that means the baby died in utero (in the womb) before birth.

      There are many causes for MSB (macerated still birth) but one of it is infection. There wasn’t a particular procedure in the post written. We just induced her labour so that the mother can give birth to a baby who’s been dead from within her womb.

      If you’ve got any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! 🙂

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