You make me smile

News about him spread even before he stepped into my ward… and it wasn’t good news either. I was told he was going to be a nuisance and would be difficult to work with. Sadly enough I believed the gossips and made sure my remaining time in the ward was steered clear from him lest I’m needed to cover the things he lacks. I wanted my career life to be as free from troublemakers as possible. Thankfully I managed to get out of that ward without a single scratch.

It wasn’t made better that upon leaving that posting, I also found out that he was already in the department to which I was posted to next.

Oh. No.

What made it even worse was that we were going to be working in the same ward… again. That was it, I thought. My life in the hell-ish department was going to be more hell with people like him around and upon stepping into the ward for the first time, he greeted me with a huge smile and gave me the usual welcome and orientation. I remember telling myself that this was going to be the start of a very difficult life.

That was pretty much a year ago.

Now he’s my boyfriend.

I guess life does give you unexpected surprises like these sometimes. The road to which you think leads to rocky plains can suddenly detour and become paths to safety. The time we spent working together somehow forced me to get to know him better and day by day I begun to see a person who was the exact opposite of what I thought he was. The more I knew him and his life story, the more I felt I could identify with what he had experienced and slowly, without much effort at all, I saw a person who was very much like I was.

Stubborn … 🙂




The list drags on..

I suppose you could say love blossomed out of an unforeseen friendship. Someone once told me that I would eventually find somebody better than the one I had before and I refused to believe him.

But I did. And he is better, so much so I find myself overwhelmed by all of it most of the time.

It’s his birthday today. Since the beginning of the existence of my blog, I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a blog post to anyone before (not that I can recall right now)… I may have written for someone to see, but not specifically writing to anyone. So you could say this is a first.

Here’s to you, my dear. Have a wonderful birthday!
You are truly my hero… in ways more than one. 🙂

(No worries. I will spare everyone here any of the mushy content)



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