Land of my ancestors

As I write this, it should be about two hours until touchdown at Hangzhou. Yup. I’m actually writing in the plane. It’s quiet and pretty much everyone is asleep. Thankfully I have my iPhone equipped with music and dad’s extra iPad for my usage. 😀

It’s going to be an exciting trip. I’ve always wanted to make a little homage to the land of my ancestors. There is just something about China that runs deep in my veins. It’s my heritage. My genetic material originated from that great land of the Middle Kingdom.

This is our third yearly trip my closest family and friends make during the Chinese New Year holidays. I’m really glad we decided to go to China this year. Although I am anticipating a lot of language barriers upon arrival there. Yes. This Chinese is also a lost one in her own people’s language, like a banana – yellow on the outside, but super white on the inside.

If I’m unmistaken, we should be visiting the cities of Hangzhou, followed by Nanjing and ending the trip in the bustling city of Shanghai.

I will try to write as much as I can while I’m here. I’m still up for the challenge of posting at least once a week.

PS: I thank everyone who read my last dedicated birthday post. That day marked the greatest activity on my blog since it’s existence. 🙂


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