A clump of updates

Oh boy.

This is pretty embarrassing.

The past few weeks which may have seem silent on my blog have been weeks of endless events in reality. I could throw all kinds of excuses into the air or I could whine about how disappointed I am in myself for not keeping up with the Post-A-Week Challenge… ehh… but who would want to hear that anyway? So to make it up a little, here’s a list of the updates which have happened in my currently rather busy life.

Update #1

The family trip to China was aweeeesome. There’s Chinese here, Chinese there, Chinese everywhere.. and I’m not just talking about the floods of Chinese people on the streets and in the shops. It’s Chinese words, it’s Chinese conversations, it’s Chinese culture and if you know how terribly yellow a banana I am, you’d understand why I totally felt out of place. I may look like them, but I definitely cannot communicate nor behave like them. What an eye-opening experience it was as I never would have ever imagined seeing China so clean and orderly with huge highways and tall buildings. Given a chance, I’d go back there again… with some Mandarin skills in hand, of course!!

Update #2

I am now the official J of the department. Within two weeks, I’ve admitted at least 4 patients into ICU (this is considered a lot in Slim River context). Postpartum haemorrhage ranging from 2 liters to a massive 6 liters, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, crazy caesarean sections up to which requiring a hysterectomy were occurring each time I was on-call. What made it more interesting was that the craziest stuff happened when the clock strike 5 o’clock – the moment the day becomes after office hours. Insane.

Update #3

Was busy organizing an obstetric course held in my hospital and guess what major role I got to do… they made me do the emcee-ing bit. In Malay language. Can. you. imagine. that.

Well, I did what I had to do. I wrote the script which I pretty much copied off from some examples online and made a staff nurse sit with me during one of my on-call nights to co-write everything word for word. On that day, I just read what I wrote.. in my slang-lah, of course. Tough.

Update #4

My cooking skills have definitely tremendously improved. Yay! I surprised myself that I could make my favourite dish. Well, it was edible and it tasted like what it should. Now, it’s on to perfecting it. So every night, we’re pretty much experimenting any dish we can think of and… evidently eating what we cooked, which leads me to my next update…

Update #5

I am now a fat fat pig. No kidding. It’s getting to a point of beyond scary. It’s getting to a point where it’s too noticeable to pretend it’s not happening. People have commented. My clothes are giving me the warning signs. And I’m still half-heartedly getting my bum into exercising. Help!

Update #6

Thoughts of possibly going into O&G have dangerously seeped into my brain. Thanks to my anchor who keeps reminding me of how much I despised it before.. and that the environment here does not truly reflect what it’s like in other hospitals. True that. Paeds, it is. Definitely. But why in the world am I studying O&G textbooks?? Argh!


I suppose six updates should be enough to hopefully make up for the weeks of sheer silence. I promise to diligently write more.

I hope.


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