King of Fruits

Have you tasted a durian which cost RM50 per fruit?

Well, I have and goodness me, it was really really good.


Last week, I had the privilege of visiting the famous durian stall (shamefully as a KL-ite, to which I have not been to before) located at SS2, PJ.

It was really nice to see so many durian fruits again, compared to all the tiny stalls in other places. IMG_0870

If I could just describe to you the wondrous odour these daring fruits emit as if to announce its strong presence to its visitors from afar.


Not to forget the numerous available variety, so that each durian lover who comes by leaves wonderfully satisfied, each according to his unique love for a distinct taste of durian.

IMG_0872We had the variant Raja Kunyit that night, a.k.a Mao San Wong or better known as Musang King, regarded by many as probably the crème de la crème of all durians. The super soft texture of its pulp which feels like it immediately melts in your mouth and the amazing sweetness it bears, each of its fantastic qualities draw cravers from afar of whom are even willing to bear the expensive cost it takes to enjoy one.


The other durian which we had that night was the ‘XO’ variety. The taste?

A stark contrast to the Raja K. Bitter.

Colour-wise, paler.

But.. oh so good. Equally as good.

And I learnt a magic trick that night. Washing your hands with water that had run through the insides of the durian, magically makes the lingering smell of durian disappear. Amazing.

Truly a wonderful creation of God. Smile 
I’d like to see this in heaven, please? Winking smile


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