Two years later…

“Time flies. Literally. Soon enough it will be another two years.”
What’s a century divided by four? -1 Nov 2009

Shocking. It already has been ‘another two years’. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for awhile now as it has now become a tradition for me to write on my birthday every two years to remember and reminisce the moment of my turning of age. Interestingly, as I sit and start writing, it suddenly became more difficult than I imagined. What’s there to say? What do I want to remember from the past two years of my life?

As I looked back and tried immersing myself again in the emotions of my past birthday blog posts, I have realized that much have changed in these past two years.
Never in a lifetime would I have imagined two years ago that I would be doing the things that I do now at work. “O&G. Seriously?” Surprised smile
I would never have thought that I could actually cook decent meals at home now. “It used to be just boiling eggs, rice and instant noodles.” Smile with tongue out
Never thought I could run like I once did. (Att: Past tense. Until I became lazy and weak again!) “Never great in sports at all.” Confused smile
I never knew I could find love again. “Was ready to stay single my entire life.” Embarrassed smile

Indeed, much have changed. God has truly been good and very gracious to me. I have been blessed more than I’m worthy of. What words could capture the gratefulness in my heart? How else can I say of how much I love my family, especially my parents who have been so supportive of me throughout my entire life?

Well, much is also going to happen in these next 2 years. A lot of exciting activities, that’s for sure. Stay on your toes… I will definitely keep you updated when the time’s right. Smile

What’s there left to say but…

Hello, 27 year old me! Happy Birthday and let’s rock this new year!


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