That rather eventful day

It was just an ordinary day but its night was like no other. The sun beamed its radiant light and illuminating the beautiful beach of that fateful day. It was so lovely that I felt like I could sit there forever and absorb the sights and sounds of tranquility.

I was already told that we were having dinner on the beach and I could see the staff setting up our table from afar. It was suppose to be just another birthday dinner. Nothing extraordinary. I know I am one very fortunate girl because romantic dinners for me were, well, not unusual. He behaved and acted like any other normal day.

As we walked on the soft fine white sand towards our little cozy table, I couldn’t help but soak up the beauty of the evening. Nothing could be better than this.

Our table was a sight to behold. It was surrounded by many candles. Candles nestled in many wine glasses and placed meticulously in the shape of a heart, which could be seen easily from afar. I have a thing for candles and just the scene of this took my breath away.

The first thing that caught my eye was the unusual champagne glasses placed right in the center of the table. It came in a pair and they shared a single stand with the famous words “Moet & Chandon” encrypted on it. It was the cutest thing ever and I told him that we should look for a similar piece like that for ourselves. Another item on the table stood out very strongly. It was a blue box with the hue absolutely similar to the ever famous “Tiffany & Co.” and a white ribbon tied around it. “Oh no, this can’t be happening,” I remembered telling myself as the waitress led us to the table to be seated.

After she introduced us to the Chandon wine we were going to have that night, he told me to open that little blue box. As I untied the white ribbon, the words “Tiffany & Co.” were clearly printed in gold on it and I remember hearing the words “not now, not now, not now, not now” in my head. I lifted the lid to reveal what was inside the box which was…

…none other than…

…chocolates. Yup. You read that right.
Chocolates. Six of them squished inside the little box.
What were you thinking it was going to be?


Then I remembered him talking about what a memorable this day was, about our past and all the things we’ve gone through and that was when I heard something unusual.

Someone was singing accompanied with a guitar to my all time favorite love song.

“If there were no words, no way to speak,
I would still hear you.
If there were no tears, no way to feel inside,
I’d still feel for you.”

“Oh no.” My heart sank. It is happening.

A waitress came forward and presented me with a bouquet of roses. My heart did not just sank, but it started palpitating. I was getting nervous. I felt like I wasn’t prepared to face this situation even though I’ve dreamed of this very moment for a long time. What am I suppose to say? I could only remember hiding my anxiety with a lot of laughter with him. It’s an emotion which is a little difficult to describe. It’s a mix of shock, excitement, happiness and a little scared.

Then the second song came along.

“Forever and ever can never be long enough for me,
to feel like I’ve had long enough with you.
Forget the world now, we won’t let them see,
but there’s one thing left to do.”

This is so happening. The second waitress came with a platter plate with a dark blue ring box nestled ever so comfortably on it. My heart was not only palpitating louder than the music, I could feel my hands start to tremble and I think everything felt and looked blurry. I don’t think I even heard much of what he said and up till now, I can only remember him going down on one knee and vaguely hearing the words “marry me”… or was it the chorus to the background music the guitarist was singing away in the twilight of the evening? I remember being so overwhelmed by the moment that I couldn’t even utter any words and all I could do was nod my head (quite strongly too, I think). The picture below was taken almost immediately after that, and it’s quite evident that I look like I’m in a little shocked state of mind. Ruffled hair and almost pale looking.

I said yes to him that night… the same yes I gave about 2 years ago when we first started out. From that point on, I knew that he is the one I’d want to spend my entire life with. He has been my pillar of strength, my pillow of comfort, who has been ever so patient and loving, ever so loyal and true. I couldn’t have asked for more.

So here’s the announcement I promised I’d make from the last post.

I’m officially engaged. Smile




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