Engagement Party

I’ve actually never heard of any couple organizing an engagement party in Malaysia before, well, at least not that I’m aware of. The ones that I’ve seen were only from the ones in the movies and so to be asked to have one was pretty much stepping into uncharted territory.

We were pretty excited to announce our engagement to our families and small group of friends and what better way to celebrate it in his mother’s newly built house in Nilai.  We’ve posted most of the pictures up on Facebook but here’s a few I’ve chosen to put up here.

His mother was super kind enough to handle the venue and the catering section of it. We were pretty much just in charge of coming up with the guest list.

The cake, of course, how could any party be complete without a cake? We didn’t want an ordinary round chocolate/cream cake with the bride/bridegroom figurines on the top – plus, that wouldn’t be quite right for an engagement party.

I was so pleased to stumble upon Mama Min’s blog. She is one heck of a super creative and talented cake designer. Seriously, the cakes she made and showcased were so cute and beautiful.. and I knew at that instance, I’d like a cake designed by her. He was totally in for it too.

Then came the question of what kind of design would I want for that day? That was a tough one to get through. It was silly to have the typical wedding cake design when it wasn’t even a wedding yet! Since my engagement ring wasn’t going to be with me for that day as it was sent for resizing overseas (which takes a month long.. and I was missing having it already!), so what a better way to have a cake to commemorate the missing ring, so to speak.

Take a look at the magic Mama Min came up with. I mean, isn’t it a gorgeous cake or what? Nobody actually thought it was a cake at first. I didn’t even have the heart to cut it to eat. By the way, it was an orange poppy seed cake. Smile


Here’s a picture of the two families together.


My loving family. Smile


He wanted a reunion for his university friends as well… so here’s a group of the Moscow grads.



So now that we’ve got the engagement party out of the way, we’re on to the next item from the checklist. Smile


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