Fairy Godmother

Need help from a professional wedding planner? Start searching for one now, since the help provided can make the next decisions easier.

A friend suggested that I should pen down and write on my blog of my preparations for my wedding. Sort of like a wedding blog, as it’s known. So I thought, why not? I have been wanting to write, really I have. There’s so much things I wished to share because planning for a wedding is, well, has been, thus far really quite fun.

The process started off much faster than I imagined and even a year before our planned date, we pretty much have most of the ground work settled. If this blog can also serve as an advice to engaged couples to be, here’s one huge tip… Book your vendors EARLY. We had to face some disappointments for some vendors we really liked because they were already booked for our date! So couples, once she has said ‘yes’ to that ultimate question and you’ve decided your date, start looking and booking your vendors asap.

Right from the beginning I knew we needed a wedding planner to assist us in our preparations for our big day. It wasn’t so much for the organizational aspect of a planner, because we’re pretty good at keeping tabs at what’s not done and what’s needed to be done. I needed a wedding planner because there was absolutely no way the boring plain me could ever in my lifetime come up with an unforgettable wedding. I needed someone super creative whose fresh ideas could bring me out of my thinking box and make me go… Wow.

Adrian and I envisioned our wedding to be different from the usual. We wanted to do away as much as we could from the cliche. I don’t know about you but have you felt like it seemed like we go through a motion whenever we attend someone’s wedding? It’s as if we knew when to expect what and how to respond when it comes.

Our search for the perfect wedding planner began late last year. We met a few which we shortlisted through our Internet search and each different planner had their own pros and cons and they came from a wide range of charges too. There were planners which we felt had strong points in their skills of organizing the event, but seemed to lack in the creative section, which we felt was our main priority. There was a group we met who had no doubt, strong creative skills but seemed to lack in experience as it was just formed recently. We were a little unsure about placing our one and only wedding of our lives in a group who was new in the business.

There was one who stood out long before we began our search. We saw her portfolio online and we were immediately captivated. Her displayed works seemed to be created from a person who had the inborn talent of recognizing the beauty of colours and the inherent power of bringing together shapes and items into something truly magical.

I told Adrian that it’s as if we have found my fairy godmother although technically she should be a fairy god sister because she is so young. But there wasn’t a fairy godsister in fairy tales…so let’s just stick to the term fairy godmother.

The moment we spoke with her over coffee, we knew our wedding was in good hands. She was super professional and we were quickly drawn to her. Knowing we had a wedding planner took a lot of the burden of worrying off our shoulders.

So far, we have had some pretty exciting ideas and I can’t wait to reveal them when the appropriate time comes.


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