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Search for a ceremony venue.


Search for a reception venue.

Another much overdue post, but thankfully the planning is quite on track. Haha. 🙂 Don’t be fooled by the silence as much has happened as is clearly shown by the lack of time and diligence to update my blog.

If the planning process were written in chronological order, the above items would have been the first checked off the list. For brides to be, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting this done the very moment you agreed to his marriage proposal. We have had to face a few times when the venues we were sorta interested in were already booked for the date we wanted.

So this is how our story goes…

We were sure we were going to get married in the year 2012 and preferably at the end of the year so we had ample time to plan (and save money!). Deciding on the ceremony venue was the easiest to do as we were very happy with selecting our church as the place to exchange our vows amidst our families and friends. My father would’ve been quite pleased too.

The difficult task was selecting the dinner reception venue. We both knew we wanted a hotel reception and we also favoured the idea of a place where it was most convenient for our guests who were mostly from KL. The idea of having our dinner reception in any other place than KL just didn’t fit right with us. We really wanted it a celebration for all to come.

So we searched and decided on three really good and competitive hotels that we liked a lot. We visited a hotel which was apparently super famous and popular for wedding dinners – the Big Gun of the business you could say. The moment I walked into the lobby, I just felt…..

Yup. That’s right. Just felt . … . No “wows”, no short breaths, no heart stop. Just bleh. Don’t get me wrong. It was a nice hotel in its own way with nice interiors and all, but the place just didn’t appeal to me nor to Adrian.

The second hotel we saw was definitely much better than the first. Not the Big Gun, but a rightful contender to the first. It had a very baroque feel and it did feel quite grand, especially with it’s entrance into the ballroom. I just experienced some short breaths and mild palpitations, but I was hoping for a heart drop…which I didn’t quite get. The guy in charge was really friendly and nice to us and we were quite close to sealing our deal, but Adrian and I wanted to make sure we saw all the hotels on our list before deciding for sure.

I have been quite impressed with the third hotel even before scouting for this reason. We have been there before for a Christmas buffet lunch and I really liked the modern facade within the hotel. Adrian and I were invited to a limited seat wedding planning party which was organized by this hotel and the moment we walked into the ballroom, we knew we had found the special venue.

I heard myself gasp and Adrian exclaimed, “This is it” as we opened the doors into the ballroom filled with beautiful lights. We both loved the contemporary design of the place and could imagine having a romantic setting dinner there on our special night.

The best part about the place is that it’s pretty new and we don’t know anybody within our circle of friends who has had a wedding dinner there unlike the other famous hotels. It was a priority to us to have a fresh and new place so it wouldn’t feel so repeated for our guests.

Here’s a hint of our chosen hotel. If you recognize paintings like these hung everywhere in the hotel, you’d know where we would be having our dinner reception.



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