New Phase of Life


Yup. I didn’t ask for a transfer.

I resigned.

And I’ve moved back home.. lovely lovely KL – where the traffic is horrendous, the air is polluted, the noise is constant and people everywhere.

This is home.

It was a mixed feeling saying my goodbyes to the Slim River folks. There’s a strong sense of excitement about the new challenges ahead and finally settling permanently in KL, but towards the end of my stay, there was some sadness about leaving good friends behind.


I’ve lived in that little town for about 20 months and I’ve learnt so much and gained so much from my time there. Many thanks to my specialist and fellow team for all the guidance and teachings they have bestowed upon me – not just about the medical field, but about each interesting things about their cultures and language (ALL the difficult new words to learn!) and families. Not forgetting the staff nurses and support staff who have been super kind and patient with me in the times when I wasn’t even sure how to manage the cases that came in. They have tolerated me so much during my calls, especially when I’ve been blessed with the ‘Jonah’ aura. (For an explanation of that term, see my past post)


In my time there, I’ve done things I never thought I could do before. The people there have been so friendly and generous to a city girl like me. Looking back at my thoughts to when I first arrived, from all the fear about being an O&G MO, quickly melted away by all the assurance and support bountifully given to me by my boss and peers. We’ve struggled through many difficult heavy duty days and many difficult patients but there were days we’ve smiled and rejoiced with patients who survived and became better. Our days were never short of crazy laughter and chatter. Each day was always as interesting as the next. We worked as one team and I’m so thankful to have colleagues who are so open and willing to work together to achieve the work we are given to do as each day goes by. The rounds, the courses we organized and the meetings held will never go forgotten… and I will never forget the red alerts too! So now the first and only Chinese O&G MO has officially signed out of Slim River!


Special thanks to Kak Zai for helping me organize my farewell partaaayyy! Couldn’t have done it without you!


Why the resignation, some might ask. I figured that I’ve come to a point in my life where the dilemma of choosing career versus family has finally arrived and as expected, I knew I would end up deciding to make family a priority. A resignation will give me allowance to be open up to a whole new world of job opportunities rather than being enclosed into a job in relation to the hospital or clinic.

I’ve pondered over the decision for some months and came to a conclusion that I still loved clinical work. I loved seeing patients and talking to them. I loved helping them recover with whatever I can do for them. I loved reading the symptoms and looking for the signs. This explains why I’ve chosen to still work in a medical center in KL.

Friends, let me introduce to you my new workplace which I will start officially tomorrow.


It wouldn’t be difficult to recognize if you go shopping a lot. I’m excited to try out my skills in a new working environment (and not being surrounded by all things O&G!). More updates about my job will follow suit in the few days to come.

So here’s to the challenges ahead in a new phase of my life.



2 thoughts on “New Phase of Life

  1. Wow. Big move. But it probably means I’ll see you around a lot more often (when I finally make it back home). The photo is too small to make out the words though – where exactly will you’ll be working?

    • Yup. You will see a lot of me and I’ll be more accessible for lunches and dinners! 🙂 when are you coming back? Your mom said early august? Coping well with exams?

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