They’re here!

Purchase your wedding bands.

I think this is probably our first material possession for the wedding. The other projects are still underway, but this… this is now done and ready 🙂

It took us quite awhile and numerous visits to many shops to actually decide what we wanted and these brought us even across the Tebrau Straits for it.

The research to this purchase has also taught me much about materials used for jewelry, particularly the difference between platinum and white gold. As much as we wanted to have platinum rings to signify the durability and hardness of the relationship, it was simply way out of our budget.

We went on scouting trips to various brands and found Love & Co. a really good place to buy wedding bands, simply because they have many designs to choose from as compared to its other competitors. Our experience with their staff were thankfully, quite good too. The timing of the arrival of our rings were just as they promised.

One checked item. 6 months to go.


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