He who captures

He who captures
And freezes precious seconds
The people, smiles and laughters
So we can remember these moments

Every preparation for this wedding really has a story behind it and this was no different. As usual, we went from place to place to interview potential photographers for that special task and after days of examining and analyzing many portfolios, we found probably one of the nicest guy we have ever met as part of our wedding team.

In fact, I think nice is even an understatement to describe him. He has been so friendly and helpful to us ever since we met and we knew right that instance we left his studio that we wanted him in. The meetings and conversations with him after that were always so enjoyable and he really puts us at ease whenever we’re around him – something I guess is super important when it comes to being around your photographer, especially when that awkward camera lens start pointing at you.

One might ask, “Sure, he’s a nice guy and all that… but is he a good photographer?” We were so pleased and excited for him when we found out in the first quarter of the year that he was awarded as one of Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographers. His works are really quite beautiful and I really can’t wait to spend more time with him at our pre-wedding photoshoot.

We have discussed and planned for it to be taken in another country which we have made arrangements to go to end of next month! So right now, we’re pretty absorbed getting into shape and preparing our suits and gowns to be brought over.

Will announce the place and dates in due time 🙂


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