Bring on those weights!

“Tighten your core!”

“Concentrate on your core!!”

“Squeeze, Lydia! Squeeze those muscles!”

“Focus at your core”

That’s pretty much what I get most of the time at the gym. The core, the core, the core – like some imaginary bunch of muscles I’m visualizing in the depth of my guts and when told to tighten that core, I think my face suddenly gives an expression as if I’m feeling superbly constipated. lol.

Start your wedding workout routine now! Eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. You may even want to join a gym or get a personal trainer to give you some motivation!

So I did. I joined Adrian to the gym initially on weekends before we moved back from Slim River and before long I became a regular member with two to three personal training sessions a week….

…and I never thought I would actually have fun during these training sessions. Sure, it may be hard doing the impossible but yet seeing how easily your trainer accomplishes the movements (with heavier weights to that!) but I actually enjoyed our sessions since I started.

I’m really thankful I got a female trainer who’s nice, friendly and so patient to train a real weakling like me. I think only 2% of my muscles were actually functional to begin with. To add to the inspiration and perseverance, she has the perfect example of a body shape I’d want (She is pretty hot!). I was worried before that I might get one of those larger built women with big biceps and calves to train me military style, but it’s all good now.

So we’re down to a lot of weight training now to build and tone the non-existing muscles and part of the plan was for me to cut down heavily on my cardiovascular workout. *gasp!* Yup. I really enjoyed running a lot and was really working to going back to my stamina where I could run several kilometers without difficulties.. and then I was told I shouldn’t do it as much as I wished I could. Apparently, intense cardiovascular exercises are targeted to losing fat and whilst doing that, one could lose muscle bulk as well. I definitely did not know that, did you? I always thought all exercises were good for reducing weight and toning up. So yeah. Bye-bye, running days…well, at least for now.

Adrian and I are working hard to making sure we’re in the right shape to compliment our really lovely gowns and his striking suits. Can’t make those beautiful designs look bad because of our unsightly body size!

Next post: Some exciting announcements ahead! à bientôt!


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