Appy Couple

I’m so excited to announce this piece of update with all of you.

Being a little heavy on the tech-savvy side, the idea of a wedding website was a must in our checklist.

Create your wedding website.

After weeks of trying out different websites, I stumbled upon this gem of jewels.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… Appy Couple!


In the next few days, some of you may receive an invitational email with the above attached for the necessary information to download and fully utilize this app.

Seriously, Appy Couple has truly revolutionize the way wedding websites have been built – not just in its purpose of being an informative tool, but with the addition of the elements of interaction and participation from guests.  This, I think, makes it quite exciting to use and even more so when the days draw nearer.

So here’s a brief run through on how to get your hands on our very own wedding app. For those who own an iPod/iPhone/iPad, visit this link to download the app from the App Store. Fear not, Androidians, here’s your link from the Google Play Store

Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your email address and our unique wedding code:


For security sake, a prompter may appear asking you to request permission in order to view more of the app and the ability to post messages and such. Can’t have any stranger Jane or Joe in our private affair, can we? Eh, but if any stranger is nice to me, I might just be kind enough to permit them in :p Haha.

Once you’re in, please feel free to browse around as much as you can and by posting a word or two would make us feel really special : ) It may appear a little bare right now especially for the gallery section, but once we’ve had our pre-wedding photoshoot (which I’ll write about in the next post!) done, we will definitely post up some good pictures there. For now, those few will have to do. Of course, you may also upload any of your favourite photos to share around. I will also add on more information from time to time, such as for those enlisted under Key People and Stories (wouldn’t you want to hear some good ones? ;))

The idea is to keep visiting the app as its construction is still ongoing and I’m told that there will be many new features coming in the near future!

Those who don’t own a smartphone, that’s okay, you’re not left out too.
Please visit our website at


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