Pre-wedding Photography

“So how was your trip?”


If we had to sum the entire Europe trip in one word, that would be it.

Really, I think we have never felt so exhausted during a holiday before. Our bodies were so drained by the second day of shoot so much so I was literally falling asleep while getting my make up on in the wee hours of the morning. haha.

and,… who said taking pre-wedding pictures was easy? Oh boy, it’s super not.

No wonder some people take photos in a studio because you could travel the entire world in one room. There was so much of walking and posing and smiling and changing gowns/clothes, and walking and jumping, etc etc. Plus, it was a little scary walking out in the main streets of Paris in a poofy wedding gown and the whole world staring right at ya! We received car honks in recognition, many congratulations and felicitations from the friendly Parisians and there were quite a few tourist who took pictures of us posing too! Talk about awkward! 😛

Nevetheless, that being said, we enjoyed every second of it. Our photographer, his wife and our makeup artist were so patient and kind to us throughout the entire time. I could only hope that they had a good time as much as we did. The trip to Loire Valley was really fun and the castles there are simply gorgeous.

“Those aren’t pre-wedding photos… where are they?”

Yup, they aren’t ready yet and are just about going through the final touches in the lab, but we will get them pretty soon, I think. 🙂


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